Most places are too quick to dismiss an older model Mercedes and say that it is simply too old to service. The parts maybe difficult to locate, and quality workmanship seems to be even more scarce when it comes to restoration and service for classic models. These factors may often shy some owners away from working on their treasured vehicles. At Miami Benz, we believe every Mercedes-Benz is a work of art. The classic Benz requires a more dedicated and delicate hand, and an astonishing attention to detail.

Frame work, welding, locating genuine parts, and even refinishing interiors; these are just a small sample of the services we offer for older models. We can help you salvage a project car from the ground up, or simply restore a classic Mercedes-Benz to stock or with custom work. No task is too big or small.

Miami Benz offers Mercedes car restorations | Servicing | Tire and Wheel alignments
Miami Benz is located in the heart of South Miami.  We offer car servicing, maintenance, and wheel alignments.
Looking to restore your Mercedes Benz?  We offer full mercedes benzs car restorations in the heart of South Miami.
Car restorations in the Miami area?  Miami Benz has you covered.  We specialize in restoring classic Mercedes Benz models.

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